Dear Neighbours,
In response to residents concerns, I have been fighting at City Hall to defer the decision to relocate Cornerstone shelter to 616 Vaughan road, and to ask City Staff to find a more suitable location for the shelter.

I am very disappointed that my motion to defer a decision until 2015 was defeated by the rest of council. The City's atrocious job of consulting and informing the community on this important decision was completely unfair and like you, I feel that this item was rushed through Council.

While a deferral on this decision was not achieved, I was able to secure benefits and improvements for the community through a series of amendments that will ensure that local residents receive the supports and services they deserve and need. Some of these benefits include:

  • An "Oakwood Vaughan Strategy" to improve economic development, social services, employment and land-use that includes consultation and funding recommendations to implement a plan
  • City Council asking the Minister of Health for front line family and community health care in the Oakwood Village community
  • A request for City funding for a Community Health Officer in 2015
  • Development of a "Safe Growth" strategy for Oakwood and Vaughan residents
  • A community economic development strategy that includes working with the Oakwood Village Residents Association and BIA to generate economic revitalization, encourage new business and deal with empty storefronts
  • A Youth Outreach Support Worker for the remainder of 2014 and funding for a permanent Youth Worker in the 2015 City budget
  • Creating a planning review of the area with an inventory of potential development sites and zoning uses to attract investment and development
  • Continuing to push staff to find a second tenant in the new community hub at 524 Oakwood

I will fight to ensure that no matter what, we will continue to build on the improvements we have made in our neighbourhood like securing an Eglinton Crosstown station at Oakwood, ridding the community of bad bars, booze-cans, and problem addresses, creating community hubs at 524 and 473 Oakwood Avenue, repairing roads and city infrastructure, improving the Fairbank pool, community centre, bocce courts, and playground, upgrading Greyton Park, and extending hours at the Oakwood Village and Maria Shchuka libraries.

I also want to thank everyone who contacted my office, wrote letters, signed petitions, made deputations, and shared information with their neighbours to ensure that the community's voice would not be ignored.

Despite the outcome of today's vote, I am more committed than ever to make sure that our neighbourhood--my neighbourhood--will continue to improve. I guarantee that this community will be a stronger and healthier community in the years to come because our collective hard work.


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