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I was pleased to be at Joyce Public School in Ward 15 this morning to announce a historic investment in our transit system. Among the many service improvements included in the proposed budget, the students and teachers at the school were most happy to hear that children under 12 would ride for free.


Mayor John Tory and Councillor Josh Colle surrounded by excited Joyce PS students

Photo courtesy of School Trustee, Jennifer Arp

To help balance the TTC budget, City Council will be asked to increase the amount dedicated to the TTC. Effective March 1, as well, a 10-cent fare increase will apply to all TTC fares except for the cash fare, investing more to pay for new and expanded services.

These new investments will provide the following enhanced services to Toronto commuters:

  • Restoration of all day, everyday bus service
  • Ten-minute or better bus and streetcar service
  • 50 new buses
  • Reduced wait times and crowding at rush hour and off-peak times
  • Proof-of-payment and all-door boarding on all streetcar routes
  • Expansion of the Express Bus network
  • Expanding the Blue Night Network
  • Adding up to two additional subway trains on Lines 1 and 2 during morning and afternoon rush
  • hours
  • Reducing short-turns, bunching and gapping of bus and streetcar routes
  • Additional resources to focus on subway reliability around signals, track and communications systems

We are working to make transit more affordable for families and deliver the services that riders need. If approved, this significant investment in the TTC will have a noticeable impact for TTC riders and get our city moving. (Read full TTC press release here).


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